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What Is the eStatePlan™

Welcome to eStatePlan™, the secured cloud-based estate planning tool for the 21st century. When you use the state-of-the-art estate planning and medical preparedness system, you gain peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order no matter what the future brings. You can take comfort in knowing that you have set everything in place, keep your documents updated in real-time, and can share them with the people you designate. YOU have just taken control of your estate plan using eStatePlan™, the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to ensure your legacy is executed exactly how you want it to be.

Benefits of the eStatePlan™

All eStatePlan™ user dynamics and benefits are possible through a password-protected portal. The client portal enables users to implement, manage, store, and make unlimited modifications to their estate plan via a secure, cloud-based environment.

Complete Access Portal for Client Members

Full access to the client portal is granted to all patrons through eStatePlan™ with a lifetime FREE membership included with the purchase. This means you can make unlimited changes to your estate plan to address changing family planning objectives. You’ll also be able to share portal access with family members, legal counsel, tax advisors, and more.

Electronic Funding & Digital Implementation

The eStatePlan™ cloud-based digital funding process has revolutionized how living trusts can be funded through the speed, efficiency, and convenience of electronically implemented asset-transfer ledgers that entirely avoid the otherwise accepted-as-necessary and most commonly used front-end retitlement process.

Corporate Trustee / Executor Login Access

With eStatePlan™, a corporate trustee’s time-consuming and oftentimes difficult process of gathering and retrieving client information relative to the client’s estate plan is a thing of the past. All such information will be stored in the eStatePlan™ cloud and available for easy access to be granted to the corporate trustee through the portal.

Seamless Integration for All Parties

The eStatePlan™ platform supports and facilitates interconnectivity between all the parties, which are: (i) the client/trustmaker; (ii) the ePIC Back Office; (iii) the client’s investment advisor of record; (iv) the client’s insurance agent of record; (v) the client’s attorney of record; and (vi) the client’s appointed successor (corporate) trustee.

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