Why a Corporate Trustee?

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Learn about the benefits of a corporate trustee.

One of the most important decisions you can make when finalizing your estate plan is to name your trustee. There are some instances where you can serve as the trustee while you are alive and others where you need to appoint another entity or person as the trustee immediately. Whether you are choosing a primary or successor trustee, making the decision on who to appoint a is very important decision.  Depending on the trust, the trustee may be required to perform complex tasks. Whether you choose a trusted family member, friend, or trust company, the trustee is responsible for significant record keeping and must consider the financial wellbeing of both current and future beneficiaries.  The trustee may also be responsible for making investment decisions.   While family members and friends may be trustworthy, dealing with the record keeping and distribution of trust assets can be times can be difficult and emotional.  At times this may obscure objectivity when making decisions when it comes to managing a trust for family members.

Learn about the benefits of a corporate trustee
Benefits of a Corporate Trustee

Trust Administration demands a high level of fiduciary responsibility and confidentiality.  Regulated by state and federal agencies, regulated professional trust companies are held to a higher standard.  Such trust companies have the professional knowledge and expertise in handling the complexities of trust administration. For these reasons, ePIC Services Company allows you to choose a successor trustee from a pre-selected number of professional trust companies, to provide peace of mind by ensuring that your trust is administered as you intended, to achieve your wishes and goals, without the conflicts of interest and pressures that family members can endure.

ePIC Services is laser focused on elevating the client experience by upholding the skills, experience, and resources necessary to assist with your estate planning and trust administration.

Benefits of a Corporate Trustee

Experience & Compliance

A corporate trustee has experience working with applicable legal requirements.

Peace of Mind
Professional Management
Manage Trust Distributions
Formal Recordkeeping
Trust Administration

Business-Succession Management

You’re dedicated to your business. Ensure it stays in good hands after you’re gone.

Formal Record Keeping

A Corporate Trustee will be able to keep proper records of trust assets and transactions, such as distributions to beneficiaries, payment of expenses, disbursement of assets, payment of taxes and proper principal and income accounting and provide statements to beneficiaries.

Reliability & Availability

Avoid costly administrative interruptions by choosing our corporate trustee services.

Custodial Services

Qualified accounts can expect that we’ll administer a “see-through” conduit trust.

Estate Settlement

Be confident that your trust procedures are administered by a state-regulated entity.

Objectivity & Impartiality

A Corporate Trustee will be able to follow the instructions of the trust with objectivity and impartiality.

Advisor-Directed Investments

With your assets safe within our custody, we’ll ensure they’re invested properly.

Consistent Longevity

A Corporate Trustee will ensure that your plans are followed for generations to come.

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