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What is Situs and why is it important?

A situs is a location, or a place where something exists in law, different locations or jurisdictions in the United States offer different considerations such as estate and fiduciary income taxes, creditor protection, privacy, and duration.  Nevada is considered one of the most preferred jurisdictions in the United States.

You may wonder, “how can I use Nevada as a situs if I am not a resident of Nevada?” According to the Restatement (Second) of Conflicts of Laws § 268-270 (1971), state courts are to uphold a grantor’s selection of jurisdiction to govern a trust as long as the trust is valid under the law of the state selected. As long as the jurisdiction (Nevada) allows for it, your trust will be recognized as valid regardless of whether you live there.

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Nevada Estate Planning Guide

Why Nevada Law Should Be Applied

No State Income Tax

Nevada does not have have a state income tax, therefore does not tax income earned or capital gains realized in a Nevada trust. 

Recognition of Independent Advisors

Nevada is one of few states that allow a grantor  (you) to use “directed trust” laws to appoint a financial advisor to direct investment decisions even after the grantor’s death.

Recognition of Trust Protectors

Trust protectors can be granted authority to make decisions, including removing a trustee without cause. 

Enhanced Asset Protection Laws

Nevada’s “spendthrift trust” law maximizes legal protection for assets held in an irrevocable Nevada trust. This may protect assets of the trust from potential civil claims.

User-Friendly Investment Standards

Nevada has enacted standardized trust investment laws, which allow for trusts to be invested and administered by the TIA more consistently.

Nevada Recognizes ESIGN Applications

According to the “Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act” (ESIGN), the effect of an “electronic signature” will be legally sufficient to acknowledge, authenticate, and validate electronic documents. 

Enhanced Asset Protection Laws


Nevada has favorable decanting statutes – Decanting like a liquid, meaning you can pour over assets from an old trust into a new trust with more favorable terms. Nevada’s decanting statue allows for the modification of irrevocable trusts to address changes in trust laws.

Dynasty or Perpetual Trusts

Nevada statues permit trusts to last up to 365 years, which allows the generational transfer of wealth avoiding unnecessary estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxes

Nevada Asset Protection Trust (NAPT)

A Nevada Asset Protection Trust (NAPT) also known as a Self-Settled Spendthrift Trust is an irrevocable trust intended to protect your assets from creditors during your lifetime. When considering asset protection, Nevada is considered one of the best states for asset protection trusts. The NAPT may qualify the grantor/settlor as a permitted beneficiary of the trust, which can in turn affect the exclusion of the entire value of the trust from a potential civil claim by the grantor’s creditors in as few as two years after the assets are transferred into the trust.

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